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Looking forward to seeing how this page develops. --Nellie Deutsch 04:11, 12 August 2009 (UTC)


Teaching and Learning Strategies

A work in progress. These topics represent some of the projects we have been involved in.

Online Learning

Teaching Large Groups

Technical Help


Jeollabukdo Workshop

Past Events

UCTL Open Day 4th October 2007

E-Portfolios Tuesday April 3rd 2007

FLLinNZ, Project Launch, Access Grid project launch October 19th 2007

Subject Specific Links

  1. Languages
  2. Engineering
  3. Biology
  4. Mathematics
  5. Statistics


  1. Physics Education research
  2. Teaching about Force
  3. Instructional Modes
  4. Thinking like a Physicist |

Strategies: (From the Chuxiong Workshop December 28-29, 2007)

  1. Context Rich Problems
  2. Think Pair Share
  3. Predict, Observe, Explain
  4. Collaborative Small Groups
  5. A Problem Solving Strategy
  6. A Special Kind of Problem
  7. Physics Concepts first
  8. Concept Maps in Physics

Teaching and Learning Centres

Teaching and Learning Centres List

Flexible Learning, e-Learning, Blended Learning (etc)

Teaching and Learning



Theory and other approaches

In Development

Pages where there is not much there yet . . .  :-)