Problem Based learning

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General Definition

General Links

PBL Portals

Central Queensland's Problem-Based Learning Web Portal
Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy: K-12 focus

Institutions Implementing PBL

Sample Problems

Problem-based Learning Clearinghouse: Requires login/password. Free account.

Video Clips Illustrating PBL

Video Vignettes of the stages of the PBL process. Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy, K-12 focus
3 minute video clip showing a tutorial session. Tutor is somewhat passive in this clip, so primarily look at the student process. Maastricht University

PBL Listservs

Join the professional conversation. Subscribe to a listserv focusing on PBL. Instructions for joining:

  1. Copy the email address to one of the below listservs of interest.
  2. Leave the subject line blank.
  3. Type the word "subscribe" (no quotes) in the body of the email.
  4. Send email

PBL-LIST (owner: Department of Civil Engineering, University of Monash, Australia). Subscription address: Additional information at:
IMSACPBL-L (owner: Illinois Mathemathics and Science Academy). K-12 focus. Subscription address: Additional information at: []
UD-PBL-UNDERGRAD (owner: University of Delaware). Undergraduate focus. Subscription address: Additional information at:

Case Studies

Research on PBL