A Special Kind of Problem

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Context Rich problems

The Building Jump

The Chuxiong Police Department has hired you as a consultant in a robbery investigation. A thief allegedly robbed a bank. To escape the security guards, the thief took the elevator to the roof of the Bank. Then, in order to not be caught with the evidence, she allegedly threw the money bag to a waiting accomplice on the roof of Dickos, on the other side of the road. The defence attorney says that to reach the roof of McDonalds, the defendant would have had to throw the money bag with a minimum horizontal velocity of 10 m/s. But in a test, she could throw the bag with a maximum velocity of no more than 5 m/s. How will you advise the prosecuting attorney? You determine that the Bank is 250 m high and the Road is 20 m wide. 1. Visualise the problem. Draw a diagram. What do you need to find out? 2. Describe in Physics terms: Put measurements and velocities on diagram. Use vectors to show both horizontal and vertical velocities. 3. Plan a solution. What mathematics is needed. 4. Carry out the Plan. Answer the question.

ACTIVITY: Read this problem (do not do it!!!). What is different about this problem compared to “normal” physics problems?