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  • Elgg is an effective podcasting platform
  • Firstly, let’s upload an MP3 into the file repository
  • Select ‘Your Files’ – for now will we just put the file into the root folder although there is no reason you could not create a specific folder for your podcasts
  • Make sure you select the access restrictions to ‘public’ and give the file some keywords (tags – comma separated)
  • Check the checkbox to say you have permission to upload this file and click ‘Upload’

That is it.

  • Now if you subscribe to your RSS feed in something like iTunes it will pick up your podcast

Embedding into your blog

  • You can embed podcasts into your blog with some reflective commentary.
  • Go to ‘Your Blog’ and create a new post – make the access level public – once you have given the post a title, some content and keywords, scroll down to the ‘Embed a file…’ dropdown.
  • Select your newly uploaded MP3 file and select ‘Add’
  • Now post the blog entry and you will notice that a podcast widget appears in your post allowing people to play the content right in the page

Podcast by content

  • You can subscribe to all podcasts filtered by subject (tag), this is great way to follow all podcasts about ePortfolios that are uploaded to an Elgg environment