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Just a quick dump of notes about StudentNet, the basic functionality we probably need to consider in the future LMS. In no particular order.

This will really only be of interest to Moodle trial team.

Permission levels

A Flexible Permissions model: eg ability to give students admin rights for small areas - in Studentnet these are usually groups. ie within a group you can have some good level of power.

Knowledge base

Uploading of files, web pages or links into categories. With the ability to add comments. Options for students to also add material and comment.

File Sharing

Upload of files by students and staff - and to comment on the files.

Multiple pages in a site open at once in windows or tabs

eg: the content of some posts and maybe a web page open while you create a post for a forum or work in a wiki page.

Communication functionality via e-mail

  1. to course members, all or some chsen off a list.
  2. optional notification of first access of site by a student
  3. optional e-mail notification of posts in a forum
  4. vie a personal profile page, but (optionally) not revealing the address

Member profiles with some information about memberships of courses etc

Drop Box functionality

ie file sharing from student <> lecturer with comments. This is different from file sharing open to the whole class.

ie a student may post a draft for a lecturer to comment on.

User folders

For upload of images, files etc.

Option in the design to clone a component

Deploying of content with simple local navigation

eg: Set up folder, put pages in the folder, click Nav Mode ON and a set of links appear to the pages creating some simple navigation.

Quality Editor

Editor flexibility

Need to be able to add buttons to cope with the special components we may want to add: eg specific flash or Multi Media.

Ability to record sound clips directly

ie not record and upload. And very simple: 4 buttons: REC, DEL, PLAY, SAVE

Ability to selectively open up courses

To the world, to logged in users, to members.


For pages, items etc.


At lease the one page option StudentNet has.


System wide groups

Trash for recently deleted items

Admin/design features

Easy to create groups

Easy to clone items

Easy to move, restructure items

One click hide/show admin editing tools

Comments feature

For the main basic functionality: file sharing, knowledge bases, blogs, drop boxes