Concept Maps in Physics

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Finding connections . . .找出以下概念间的关系

Example: Force and Motion Concept Map 力和运动概念地图


  1. Cut out items. 剪下各个概念条目;
  2. Arrange on a page in some sort of grouping. Stick with glue or tape. 用胶水或胶带分组粘贴在一张纸上;
  3. Add in lines to connect related items. 添加连接相关条目的连线;
  4. Label any connections that you can. 标记能够找出的概念间的关系;
  5. Add in any other terms that you like. 添加其他的概念术语。

It is the NUMBER and QUALITY of the links that counts

ACTIVITY: Choose another topic, and create a concept map exercise for that.