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Just a dump of misc links and thoughts while I while I remember them.

IF we move to Moodle in 2009 - WHAT ARE THE SHOWSTOPERS? In some respect we will take a year or so to get Moodle sorted to where StudentNet is in the critical areas that the College needs to function. With the current perceptions.

Activity Locking (Now called "Conditional Activities" . . .)

Timed release for activities is a strongly desired feature.

There is a script for 1.9.x that works. It is being implemented in 2.0


Now called conditional activity:

Subscribe at the thread level

I notice in the tracker there is a request for the ability for notification (subscription) at the thread level, not just the forum level. It says it is in 2.0 in the tracker. What does this mean? Is this definite, since it is not mentioned in the roadmap? Is it too small an enhancement to justify comment in the roadmap? To what level of detail does the roadmap get maintained?

Book Module

I note there is a request for the book module to be in the core. But it does not have a fix version indicated. Does that mean the request is not considered significant to be included in 2.0??

Admin Functions

Cloning items (Old: 2005) (2007)

Sharing cart (2009) The Sharing Cart is a pick-and-choose tool that lets you roam courses across your entire Moodle site, select just the item you want (without user data), and place it into your own course. The Sharing Cart, once turned on, follows you as you go course to course, carrying the items you pick up along the way. It’s an easy, intuitive tool for duplicating the teaching materials and activities we use every day. You can also use it to clone an activity within the same course. Some teachers found they can use it as a mini-library of frequently used content for copying to many of their own courses.


Gradebook grade report hide percentage

Moodle Help:

Two requests for this feature:

The forum discussion that I can find . . .

Simple customisation:

Five quick steps: Overview:

Floating Names and Headers

Freeze frame alternatives.

The cludge/fix for a lot of items: group assessments in categories and hide them as needed. This is the problem of the student names list. The header problem: creagte groups: display one group at a time.

Old solution: The question of reprinting headers at regular intevals on the page.

There is no sign of a freeze panel in any Moodle roadmap.

New course formats/Course building - Six new formats

Glen Davies - Single section format -

Side Menu Bar

One section problem. If there is one empty section you still see it.

File Upload and Linking

Multiple linking all at once

If you have a bunch of files in your Files area, then there should be a better way to link them than one by one. Maybe a GMail option "Add another file" with the three aspects - title, description, browse . . .

Or maybe a tick box option in the Files area that fills a form with filenames and leaves some blanks.

This will need a file API change


Bb imports

Bulk Uploads

There is a simple version using CSV's available.

Issue tracker: Discussion:

WebDAV June 8th 2008

Setup instructions "for after 1.9"

There is a patch for 1.9 to use webDav, but no indication of if it will be in 2.0 core.

E-mail type questions

Notification of new enrolment

Notification of first time visits

E-mail to course members

Course Building questions

Multiple file linking

  1. Folder option works.
  2. Tick boxes?

Multiple file upload

  1. Using zip files: works, but are staff using it?
  2. Other

Links to Content Management Systems

The Moodle term is 'external repository' and an API is planned to enable access of a range of external possibilities.

Copying File into Moodle

Linking to File from Moodle

A scenario: Teacher linking to an external file as a new resource (think video repository)

  1. Teacher wants to display a file in the repository
  2. Teacher clicks the "Choose a resource" button
  3. Teacher is presented with a simple file picker to choose a file (with a menu to switch between multiple configured repositories)
  4. Teacher chooses a file in an external repository
  5. Link to the file is COPIED into Moodle and stored by the resource module
  6. Link is marked as owned by that user
  7. Whenever someone wants to follow that link, the resource module controls access (see Development:File API )


  1. Allow all Moodle users to easily bring content into Moodle from external repositories
  2. Provide a consistent interface to any external repository, for any Moodle module 


Mr Cute (A fully finded JISC project)

"MrCute is an acronym for Moodle Repository Create Upload Tag Embed, and is intended as an optional Moodle module and block which allow direct and straightforward access to instititutional and other repositories of online learning materials."

Blog with comments

There is a lot of talk about blogs on the various forums in, and in particular the Moodle implmentation of them.

Particularly here:

  1. and here:

There is an issue tracker here: but there doesn't seem to be any sort of focus to the discussion in the details. From the roadmap: comments are coming. What about the other suggestions in the tracker? Where do we find out what is coming and what is planned? How are decisions arrived at?


Dan Marsden:


Self enrolment

=Site wide groups


PDF downloading problems 1.9

DOCX file handling

Ajax Drag and drop

Drag and drop components -

Staff/student help

"Stellar" moodle courses

What type of help is needed??

Online Course