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This is Akshita Bahuguna. Worked in Mother Teressa Public School for 2 years . then took to online teaching at V 2 Learn in association with Mathematics Navigator USA. Having done with that taught online to Indian students at Gujarat. A school at Surendernagar Gujarat was adopted to provide online teaching under the Flag ship of Futureicons Learning Solution since 2006 . Futuereicons Learning Academy is being run since 1999 to teach the students of distinct fields .


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  • 80px-Wikineighbour V2.png Hello Akshita and welcome to Wikieducator! I'd like to encourage you to enter your Sandbox (link above) to begin experimenting with the wiki syntax. If I can be of any assistance, just let me know! --Bnleez 12:06, 21 September 2011 (UTC)

(Comment.gif: Hi Akshita, Greetings! Congratulations for having decided to join eL4C!...and wishing you a very interesting and worthy learning time with the eminent facilitators of our WikiEducator family! Warm regards Anil Prasad 17:41, 24 September 2011 (UTC))

Welcome to eL4C51

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