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Pre Antarctic Preparation in Dunedin

Pre Antarctic Preparation in Christchurch with Antarctica NZ

From Christchurch to Scott Base

Field training out near Cape Evans

Video clip to view on this page of Trish making a radio sched from the field.

Life in and around Scott Base

Video clips to view on this page of windy weather at Scott Base and two tough guys outside in their summer kit.

People working around Scott Base, Antarctica

Video clips to view on this page of people and their work around Scott Base.

On our way to New Harbour field camp

Setting up camp at New Harbour

Setting up the dive site and making the dive holes

Let the diving begin! The journey below the sea ice at New Harbour

Video clips to view on this page of divers at New Harbour, their diving gear and their experiences under the sea ice. Even footage of diving at the safety hole outside.

Trisha's mini science experiments in Antarctica, with icicles, balloons and more...

Have a look at the experiments that I did with icicles, balloons, salt on ice and snow, and freezing hot and cold water outside in Antarctica.

The making of a KIWI IGLOO !

The marine ecologists science experiments with the benthic animals and sea water at New Harbour

This page shows the work the scientists are doing here at New Harbour with Antarctic Scallops, Antarctic Brittlestars, Antarctic Sea floor Sediment and Antarctic Fish. There's lots of interesting science to learn here!

Also Video clips to view of Vonda describing the scientific work being done at New Harbour, and Drew explaining the experiments he is co-ordinating under the sea ice.

NOTE: The research done by Vonda and her team is funded by the Ministry of Fisheries Foundation for Research Science and Technology, with logistic support from Antarctica NZ.

Journey to Antarctic Glaciers

Trisha's interesting Antarctic finds

Video clip to view on this page of Trish explaining how seafloor dwellers (benthic life) come to be found up on top of the sea ice.