Setting up the dive site and making the dive holes

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Arriving at New Harbour to being ready for the divers to go down under the sea ice, took three days. The first thing that needed doing for the dive site was to find the right place to melt the dive hole. The team first drilled down the sea ice with a jiffy drill to send a dropcam (underwater camera on a rope) down so they could see what was on the bottom. It was tough going with the small drill because there are layers of sediment in the ice (dust and sand that has been blown onto the ice from the dry valleys) that did slow down and blunt the jiffy drill. They found a site that had 15m to 20m deep sea water underneath the ice and the animals that they needed for their research, so it was now time to put the small narrow ice melter down the small hole to begin the melting process. Have a look at the photos to see how the ice hole developed and all the gear needed to set everything up: