Let the diving begin! The journey below the sea ice at New Harbour

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A Look at Antarctic Diving... Scuba diving under the sea ice at New Harbour

VIDEO CLIPS TO VIEW : HAVE A LOOK AT TWO OF THE DIVERS GOING DOWN THE DIVE HOLE, AN INTERVIEW WITH A DIVER AFTER HIS FIRST DIVE FOR THE ANTARCTIC SEASON AND AN EXPLANATION OF ALL THE GEAR A DIVER HAS TO WEAR IN ANTARCTICA: ...A whole range of video clips for you to view, to get a real live sense of just what it is like to dive under 4 metres of sea ice in Antarctica. Exciting, fascinating and definitely not for the faint hearted!...

  1. Click here to see Pete and Drew's dive down the dive hole: Pete and Drew dive down through 4 metres of ice at New Harbour, Antarctica, 2009
  2. Click here to see what Chazz saw at New Harbour on his first dive for the season: Chazz's description of life under the sea ice at New Harbour, Antarctica, 2009
  3. Rod explains all the parts of the diving gear used by NZ divers in Antarctica. A diver has to keep their wits about them and be very familiar with all this apparatus. It sure helps to be well experienced! Click here to view Rod's diving equipment demonstration on Drew who was the 'Back up Diver'. Then scroll down to see photos of Rod using the inflator on his dive suit with style!! :)
  4. Last dive at New Harbour for the season was out at the safety hole. Luckily we had a beautiful sunny day for the outdoor experience! Click here to see the divers preparation and diving through the safety hole, PLUS a 'Nemetian treasure' brought up from below the sea ice for us to marvel over!!

A Look Below the Sea Ice ... Life under 4 metres of sea ice at New Harbour

Pete in divegear outside.JPG
PETE'S PRIZE PHOTO FOR THE ANTARCTIC SEASON: A pteropod, or as the divers call it "ANGEL OF THE SEA"

Check out these photos from under the sea ice of the stunning benthic life here at New Harbour, Antarctica. These were taken with an underwater camera by Pete Notman, one of the divers/scientists with our team here at New Harbour!

Look what divers can do with their dive suits!

Rod shows you what happens when you use your dive suit inflator above ground...!!

Rod in inflated divesuit 1
Rod in blowupsuit2.JPG
Rod in blowupsuit3.JPG
Rod in blowupsuit4.JPG