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Dear friends,

Wish you a happy and prosperous New Year.

I think, it is the right time for us to take some resolutions for the further development of India page on wikieducator - I would like to put forward four draft resolutions in this regard for the general approval of all the WikiEducator Ambassadors who have listed their names on the India page and other wikieducator members.

1 :We have to develop the India page as common communication point for the activities and projects of all the WikiEducator Country Teams in India in accordance with the principles of Wiki project. An online organization setup, with the following functionaries, is required for managing the India page of WikiEducator.

  • Editors
  • Content Developers
  • Web Developers
  • Coordinators

Anybody who is interested can enlist their names below the respective titles. For this purpose a new page with the url will be created. Under each function title there will be two sub titles like (1) Functions and (2) Members.

2 :Introduce WikiEducator-India page to other wikieducators in India whom we know.

3 :I understand that wikieducator is about to initiate activities for logically structuring wikieducator pages. Since WikiEducator project aims at realization of open curriculum for all by 2015, through the efforts of the wikieducator country teams, it would be nice if the pages are identified first with the country page, then team/project name, topic and finally the page names (relevant to the content on the page)


(To further clarify:- will be a default prefix to all the urls being created for the country projects.) Country teams can change the url of their existing pages using the 'move' facility on wiki.

4 :We may pass these resolutions to all the wikieducator teams in India, as a thread of discussion.

5 :We ourselves/ and encourage others to list projects and activities under the relevant titles on the India page

Please furnish your comments.

Thank you



Anil Prasad (talk)06:44, 2 January 2008

Dear Anil,

I think you are doing fantastic and the right things, and have the temperament and time to take on such organisational activities - am glad you do have time, since I am always rushed for time. I fully support ur initiative. Pl go ahead.


Savi (talk)17:18, 2 January 2008

Greetings Anil --

Sorry for the delay in response here -- I've been a little snowed under getting the Learning4Content project launched. Remember that you are free to invite colleagues and friends to join us for the online training session which starts on 28 Jan 2008. Spread the word! You'll find details on registration here:

Also, sorry about the rather long response here. Wikieducator India, is by far the BEST country portal in WE. You're community should proud of your achievements. I want to use the India page as an example for other countries to replicate. Well done.

Here are a few reflections and thoughts on your proposed resolutions from my perspective. Remember that the community involved with the India page take the decisions! My thoughts are merely advice and you are free to ignore them <smile>.

Organizing the community according function and area of input, eg content developers, editors, learning designers etc

This is an excellent idea and something which we are trying to get moving in the larger WE community. So its great that India are taking the lead here. We've started work on a generic WE roles page. This still needs some work - but it would be great if you could link up with this. Also Brent will be helping us in developing special user templates which members from the Indian WE community can insert on their pages. We should include a country field / parameter on these templates. The idea is for different role players to identify themselves in the community -- so that, for example all learning designers in India are automatically listed on a category page to help people connect with each other.

Well done India

Again -- I must congratulate the burgeoning Indian activities and I compliment your work in building community.


Introduce WikiEducator-India page to other Wikieducators in India whom we know

Yes -- great idea. Perhaps you should also include the idea of recruiting new WikiEducators for India. So not only find ways of connecting Indian WEs but also think about strategies to grow the local community.

Thoughts about content structuring

Very soon WE will be improving its content structure to accommodate recent growth, but also to help folk in finding content, we will:

  • have nodal pages for the different sectors, eg schools, tertiary Ed, Vocational Education, Professional development.
  • have listings by content/subject area
  • We will introduce the Template:ContentInfobox very soon and encourage all content pages to use this feature. This will help us keep track of all the WE content.

I do think that its important to include links on the India country page to content projects in India. However, I would advise against creating content pages as sub-pages of the India country page. For example Bamboo and Ratton should be Bamboo_and_Rattan and not India/Bamboo_and_Ratton.

The reason is that we should list content pages on both the main content page listings on WE as well as a list of content projects on the specific India country page.

Content should be in the main namespace in WE to facilitate linking from any page. However, that

  • are not learning content pages and
  • are specific to India -- for example workshops planned for India, would be listed as India/workshops.

Hope this makes sense.

Mackiwg (talk)08:54, 23 January 2008

Dear Mr. Wayne,

Thank you very much for your invaluable guidance on the draft resolutions. Now I am going to mail the url of this talk page to all those who, I think, are interested in this subject.

Thank you once again.


Anil Prasad (talk)04:10, 24 January 2008

Priya Anil,

I have opened a discussion page in Talk:India to present vital thoughts on the Indian perspective of culture-centric Global Citizenship. The Course material on SRD(Spiritual Resources Development)is under preparation. Much needs to be done in this direction. I know that I am not alone.



Director (talk)13:16, 3 May 2008

Dear Anil,

Jai Hind! and Warm Greetings.

It was during L4C workshop(Apl-May 2008)that I added topics for research studies in India Node. Now the time has come to take up an engaging and inspiring work - to call it a Project I need the concurrence of India Team as the theme is related to Cultural Heritage of Bharat - of compiling the inspirational symbols, icons, images, templates, slogans which are culture-inclusive and can be used to serve multi-purpose objectives in the context of ODL/OER ventures.

Although the compilation would be Indian in content, needless to mention that it would have global relevance and reference as it stands for being human globally.(vasudhaiva kutumbakam). This would herald the realization of culture-centric global citizenship, a concept already presented for discussion in Vaada(h) at WikiEducator

The link to refer to my compilation sample : (discussion)



Director (talk)13:10, 29 May 2008

Dear Dr.Ramakrishnan Ji,


Out of the three subjects proposed for Reasrech studies in this context viz

  1. The concept of Global Citizenship and its realization
  2. Global Citizenship and Wiki-environment
  3. Culture-centric Global Citizenship : The Indian Perspective , which one will be the ideal one to start with? By editing that subject let us first add the Learning objectives using the template Objective – tag for Objective template is: {{Objective}}

Namaste & Warm regards


Anil Prasad (talk)04:21, 30 May 2008

Dear Anil,

As suggested by you I have started editing the the ideal one, the first in the list, beginning with "Objective".

Bare with me for doing it on another page, from where I can transfer it to India Page after incorporating further suggestions from you.

The link :

Namasthe and warm regards,


Director (talk)03:20, 1 June 2008