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Dear Anil,

Jai Hind! and Warm Greetings.

It was during L4C workshop(Apl-May 2008)that I added topics for research studies in India Node. Now the time has come to take up an engaging and inspiring work - to call it a Project I need the concurrence of India Team as the theme is related to Cultural Heritage of Bharat - of compiling the inspirational symbols, icons, images, templates, slogans which are culture-inclusive and can be used to serve multi-purpose objectives in the context of ODL/OER ventures.

Although the compilation would be Indian in content, needless to mention that it would have global relevance and reference as it stands for being human globally.(vasudhaiva kutumbakam). This would herald the realization of culture-centric global citizenship, a concept already presented for discussion in Vaada(h) at WikiEducator

The link to refer to my compilation sample : (discussion)



Director (talk)12:10, 29 May 2008

Dear Dr.Ramakrishnan Ji,


Out of the three subjects proposed for Reasrech studies in this context viz

  1. The concept of Global Citizenship and its realization
  2. Global Citizenship and Wiki-environment
  3. Culture-centric Global Citizenship : The Indian Perspective , which one will be the ideal one to start with? By editing that subject let us first add the Learning objectives using the template Objective – tag for Objective template is: {{Objective}}

Namaste & Warm regards


Anil Prasad (talk)03:21, 30 May 2008

Dear Anil,

As suggested by you I have started editing the the ideal one, the first in the list, beginning with "Objective".

Bare with me for doing it on another page, from where I can transfer it to India Page after incorporating further suggestions from you.

The link :

Namasthe and warm regards,


Director (talk)02:20, 1 June 2008