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Alfred Stieglitz, The Hand of Man, 1902. Platinum, 16.2 x 21.3 cm, The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles
The invention of the camera and its ability to capture an image with light became the first “high tech” artistic medium of the Industrial Age. Developed during the middle of the nineteenth century, the photographic process changed forever our physical perception of the world and created an uneasy but important relationship between the photograph and other more traditional artistic media.

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Taking Photographs
Visual information is the key to making social networking so popular. From digital cameras to Blackberrys and iPhones, taking photographs has become an everyday experience for most of us. Respond to the following questions:

  • How often do you take photographs?
  • What device do you usually use to take them?
  • What do you do with your photographs?
  • How do you think you can improve your photographs?