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DECP 05: e-Content Creation

Table of Content (TOC) - Unit 1

Unit 1: Process and Stages of e-Content
In this unit, we are going to study about e-Content and its process's life cycle. Before we decide to create the e-Content we need to properly analyze whom we are creating this content for. Until and unless we are not going to perfectly evaluate the target audience, our best of the best work can become useless.
For example, we create an audiobook and make it available on Apple's AppStore but if our target audience isn't capable of affording Apple's Technologies, our entire effort will go waste as our actual target audience isn't having the access of our worthful of content. So these kind of analysing and implementation is being discussed in this unit.
Learning Outcome
On Completion of This Unit, Students Shall Be Able To:
  • Understand the principals of e-Learning Environment
  • Define & Use e-Content’s Life Cycle
  • Understand the scope of analyzing the “Need Analysis”
  • Perform and propose Targets as per the need analysis of e-Learning Environment
  • Determine the requirements of e-Learning Resources to meet the Target Goals

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