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DECP 05: e-Content Creation

e-Content Life Cycle

E-Content Life Cycle

The whole process starts with the design/creation of the learning content by the author, which in this case is the trainer or teacher. The author uses the Learning Authoring Tool to create the content and organize the pedagogical path the students have to follow. Thus, the teacher builds the content directly in the authoring tool environment and may re-use the content already available in the repository. After the content has been created, the author can fill in the corresponding metadata and can upload the full package to the Repository of Educational Content in preset formats, namely IMS-CP, SCORM, Web-HTML specifications.

The upload process to the e-learning repository can be carried out directly by using the authoring tool, given that the user has permission to upload. data can be directly inserted with the Learning Authoring Tool or when the upload process is used.

Once the learning content is made available on the repository, it can be accessed from anywhere through the Repository Portal or by using the single address system (handle) that allows the “content objects” to be accessed from any other internet based system. In this way, the system will provide the link between the repository and the e-learning platform (LMS). Thus, the trainer does not need to transport/upload his/her content onto each learner, but rather indicate the online location of the content and learner can access content automatically.

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