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DECP 05: e-Content Creation

Benefits of e-Learning

Purpose of e-Learning Resources

There are many purposes of e-Learning resources some of them include the following.

  1.  A flexi-time approach
    An e-Learning resource offers a flexi-time, flexi-location approach by changing the learning environment. It enables learning to take place in a variety of different places, both physical and virtual.
  2. A mixed-mode, blended approach
    Most of people learn well when computer-mediated lessons are combined with virtual classes, study groups, team exercises, off-line and on-line assignments. With e-Learning, a mixture of both Face-to-Face and computer-mediated learning can be achieved.
  3. A student-centered approach
    An e-Learning package not only provides a combination of Internet, digital technology and learning, but also facilitates student-centered learning. It is believed that in this approach, students are active participants and construct their own knowledge by interacting with the information available.
  4. ICT empowerment
    E-Learning generally promotes greater proficiency in information technology skills. ICT can empower learner by offering choice and potentially more engaging and effective means of learning. ICT can accommodate a whole range of different learning styles and preferences.
  5. Global opportunities
    Exposure to the global learning community is increased. This is an important factor in the case of learners from disadvantaged rural communities where they do not have functional libraries or latest information that learners need. The Internet may provide this kind of information and more resources that may never be seen in a traditional classroom.

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