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DECP 05: e-Content Creation

e- Learning

e-Learning Environment Needs Analysis

B). Content Analysis

The content analysis gives the information on whether there exists any content that can be used whole, in part or with modifications. Get information about the content organization/structure and identify the size of the learning object to best suit the learners. Identify parts of the content which may need emphasis or presentation of some special kind for the users to understand, this has implication for selection of pedagogical approach and even multimedia application.

The content analysis seeks to identify content areas that could be enhanced, expanded, or initiated through e-Learning techniques. The analysis examined the instructional need that are not met and determining if e-Learning could contribute.

The following questions are kept in place to perform an analysis:

  • Is the available information relevant?
  • What is the structure of the future content? (Get to know the current structure also)
  • Any pedagogical considerations?
  • What about mode of subject delivery?
  • How much of the total content is already available in electronic format?
  • What about copy right issues?

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