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DECP 05: e-Content Creation

Benefits of e-Learning


In the analysis phase, the learner, the educational contents to be taught and the learning environment are analyzed. Its purpose is to detect the learner’s learning characteristics and needs, and ascertain the environment in which the learning is to take place and the available resources. The needs analysis phase also confirms that there is really a need to go for e-Learning solution and aids in the formulation of goals for the e-Learning environment and the specifications of the e-Learning resources.

Proposed Goals for the e-Learning Environment

The followings could be the goals depending upon the case and scenario’s in different situations:

  • To develop a high-quality and relevant sharable e-Learning contents.
  • To improve access to teaching and learning materials by Students/Teachers
  • To introduce a self delivery mode for e-Learning contents
  • To promote ICT empowerment for students and teachers
  • To make students explore the topic more on Various Medias online.

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