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DECP 05: e-Content Creation

e- Learning

e-Learning Environment Needs Analysis

D). Context Analysis

The analysis of the context in which learning will take place and the context in which the learners will eventually adapt to the new learning environment are among vital analyses to be conducted for the development of any e-Learning system. By conducting context analysis the contextual characteristics of where the actual instruction will take place can be described.

One of the main focuses of instructional design is the idea of individualized learning. This can better arrange the environment to increase the probability of individual student learning. Among factor which can be considered that affect how a person learns from a particular learning environment are; cognitive (mental) abilities of the learner, previous experiences of the learner, motivation, personal learning style, clarity of the message and interaction with the learning environment.

A context analysis - in order to justify the development of e-Learning resources.

  • What is expected out of the e-Learning environment?
  • What is the condition of the learning resources?
  • Which mode of delivery is used?
  • What are teachers’ qualifications and deployment status?
  • How is the performance in the examination?
  • Which subjects are of high demand?
  • Will it replace or supplement existing training?
  • How is the current learning environment?
  • Is an e-Learning content the best choice?

What is expected from the e-Learning environment is as given in the research specific objectives; i.e. the increase of the learning materials availability and accessibility, a central repository for learning contents will be introduced and accessed by secondary schools registered to use the system. The accessibility aspect will also be covered since the delivery of e-Learning contents will be either in a web based environment using e-LMS (Internet/Intranet) for networked Delivery, CD-ROM for off line delivery and F2F delivery for classroom environment.

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