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Succesful Māori learners

Strategic Objective Four:

To have Maori learners participate and succeed at all levels of learning

What are our aspirations?

  • To provide a learning environment that is attractive to and supportive of Māori and facilitates their success
  • To provide an outstanding learning experience for Māori learners
  • For Kai Tahu/Māori learners to succeed in their programmes, and pathway onto higher qualifications where appropriate
  • For all Kai Tahu/Māori students to feel safe and included at OP, and able to learn as Māori.

What will we do to achieve our aspirations?

  • Develop our understanding of barriers to potential Māori learners’ engagement in Polytechnic learning and develop strategies to overcome the barriers
  • Understand and use appropriate networks for reaching potential students
  • Use Māori language and imagery in marketing materials and publications
  • Welcome whānau involvement in the learning process and at formal occasions.
  • Ensure all programmes have guidelines for flexibility to enable Māori to live as Māori e.g. attendance and assessment requirements
  • Use Māori language and imagery in all physical and technological environments
  • Provide a safe environment for Māori students e.g. not expecting them to step outside their student role to teach staff or other students about things Māori
  • Provide opportunities for students to become stronger in their understanding of their identity, and a safe place to start that journey
  • Consult Māori students on their needs and involve them in development of the learning environment
  • Develop partnerships to enable Māori students to pathway into higher levels of learning and employment, both to and from the Polytechnic
  • Provide good practice guidelines to staff to facilitate inclusive teaching and learning
  • Recognise and celebrate students’ personal growth as well as academic success
  • Support staff to develop the skills and knowledge required to enable them to implement this strategy
  • Provide an integrated approach to Māori student support that recognises and meets the needs of the whole learner.

How will we know we have been successful?

  • Māori participate at each level, at least reflecting the proportion of Māori in the Otago region
  • Māori learner retention rates are at least those of non-Māori, for all levels of qualification
  • Māori learner successful course completion rates are at least those of non-Māori, for all levels of qualification
  • Māori learner satisfaction rates are at least as high as those of non-Māori.