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Otago Polytechnic's strategic directions document sets out its vision, mission, values and the four strategic goals listed on the previous page. In 2012 Otago Polytechnic has developed a high level strategic framework to give effect to our vision and strategic goals by setting strategic objectives and implementation plans. There are four strategic frameworks:

These strategic frameworks take a three year view and set key performance indicators to measure Otago Polytechnic success.

Underpinning these strategic frameworks are seven enabling frameworks. These set high level priorities in support of strategy implementation. The enabling frameworks are:

  • Finance
  • Quality & business excellence
  • Learning environment
  • Internationalisation
  • Student services
  • Staff capability and engagement
  • Community engagement

Flowing from the four strategic frameworks and the seven enabling frameworks are strategic action plans that give effect to the strategic objectives and the strategic priorities identifed in the strategic and enabling frameworks.These action plans:

  • take a one to three year view
  • identify expected outcomes with measurable results, and which are not business as usual, and
  • prioritise resource allocation for the coming year.

To achieve these strategies we rely on the collective contributions of:

  • Our learners
  • Our staff
  • Our learning environment
  • Our programme portfolio
  • Our community and stakeholders
  • Our focus on sustainable practice
  • Our research and enterprise activities
  • Our Treaty partner