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Inclusive learning environments

Strategic Objective Four:

To have inclusive physical and virtual learning environments that stimulate learner engagement

What are our aspirations?

  • Our learning environments are modern, vibrant, creative and welcoming
  • Our learning environments represent the cultural diversity of our learners, staff, schools and programmes
  • Learning resources are accessible to learners from diverse locations and through a variety of mobile devices
  • Our off-campus staff participate seamlessly in on-campus meetings and activities
  • Leading edge technologies seamlessly support learning in both virtual and physical learning environments
  • Our elearning platforms, tools and services support blended delivery, fully online and distance delivery and open educational resources
  • Our learners receive proactive, personalised and individual learning experiences and support
  • All staff recognise and enact their role in proactively supporting learners
  • Social connections are promoted through social spaces both on and off campus
  • Physical classrooms are designed for flexibility and collaborative and cross-disciplinary learning
  • Work places are recognised as learning environments by employers, learners and staff
  • Our learners and staff use online tools, applications and social networks consistently and creatively for public and professional communication
  • Technology is used to create communities of learners across international boundaries and to foster collaboration across multiple time zones, borders and cultures
  • Our virtual campus enables easy access to library resources, courses and programmes, learning support, learner communities, learner personal information and technology support
  • Our learning environments are socially, economically and environmentally sustainable (see SD strategic framework)

What will we do to achieve our aspirations?

  • Involve learners in the design and development of our learning environments
  • Include imagery and language across the physical and virtual learning environs that reflect our diverse learner communities
  • Technology 'works', is continually updated and new technologies are regularly introduced
  • The information technology infrastructure supports increasing blended, online, distance and open models of delivery
  • Videoconferencing is accessible from all staff and classroom computers
  • Ensure equitable access to learning resources and support for all learners (on campus, off campus, distance and fully online)
  • Puna Kawa and other training rooms enable easy communication with multiple off site and on-site users
  • Development a set of good practice principles for space design to guide all redevelopments and refurbishments
  • Utilise 'big data' systems to support proactive, personalised and individual learning experiences and support
  • Extend learner analytics to ensure that strategic decisions are informed by high quality data
  • Stream and record key research presentations, public lectures and seminars and international guests, and edit for re-use as online teaching resources
  • Provide continuing education opportunities for all staff to develop their own cultural competence and apply this in practice to create a safe and inclusive learning environment
  • Enable eSimulation, eAssessment and ePortfolio technologies to support authentic work-based learning
  • Develop digital literacy resources as open educational resources for staff and students
  • Develop an integrated system for learner feedback that feeds results back to learners

How will we know we have been successful?

  • Our learners express that they feel safe at Otago Polytechnic
  • All learners express that they feel connected to Otago Polytechnic
  • The diversity of our learners and staff increases, especially increases in Maori and Pacifica
  • Our off-site staff are fully engaged in on-site activities
  • Our learners access learning anytime and anywhere
  • Our learners express that they feel supported at Otago Polytechnic
  • Otago Polytechnic leads the sector in the AUSSE survey results
  • Social media integrated elearning increases
  • Physical classrooms are flexible, modern, creative, learner-centred and reflective of learner and programme diversity and culture
  • Our eCampus will work seamlessly to meet learner needs