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Highly effective teachers

Strategic Objective three:

To have highly effective teachers who enact our values 

What are our aspirations?

  • We have a culture of learning
  • Our learners have learning experiences that celebrate their individuality, their diversity and what they bring to their learning
  • Our teachers are both qualified teachers and expert practitioners in their field
  • Our teachers make student learning their highest priority
  • Our teachers are skilled facilitators and coaches of learning - encouraging, supporting, nurturing and challenging learners to build confidence in themselves as learners
  • Our teachers use participatory and experiential learning processes to promote learner self discovery, help learners to learn and build learner capability in all settings
  • Our teachers promote open expression of diverse opinions while maintaining an atmosphere of integrity, civility and respect
  • Our teachers simplify and clarify complex subjects, help students connect learning experiences and facilitate development of self knowledge and insights
  • Our teachers regularly provide constructive and objective feedback to learners that enhances their learning
  • Our teachers invite constructive learner feedback and continually improve their practice through reflection and professional development
  • Our teachers both work in teams and contribute to the success of their teams
  • Our teachers accept individual and team responsibility and accountability for achieving excellent learner outcomes
  • Our teachers are connected with employers, industries, professions and communities
  • Our teachers are at the leading edge of knowledge and innovation in their fields and are engaged in applied research (See R & E strategic framework)
  • Our teachers integrate their research and enterprise activities into their teaching (see R & E strategic framework)
  • Our teachers model sustainable practice in their teaching nd daily work practices (see SD strategic framework)
  • Our teachers are up to date teaching practitioners who continually monitor trends in education, industries and professions, anticipate and lead changes and adapt as required
  • Our teachers enact our organisational values and act as sustainable practitioners(See SD strategic framework)

What will we do to achieve our aspirations?

  • Support staff to obtain high level teaching qualifications and to maintain competence as teachers
  • Promote independent learning through provision of teaching qualifications that use work based learning models and APL
  • Provide a comprehensive continuing professional development framework through which all staff are supported to develop their capabiity and personal effectiveness
  • Support staff to develop capability as learning facilitators, coaches and assessors 
  • Provide best practice guidelines for facilitation of engaging and inspiring learning activities
  • Provide best practice standards in relation to online, face to face and blended curriculum delivery models
  • Support staff to develop their digital literacy to enhance capability to utilise various existing and future digital technologies in learning and teaching processes
  • Support staff to maintain currency in their specialist field and connections with relevant industry, profession and communities
  • Encourage staff to design and plan opportunities for learners to participate in research and to learn researching skills
  • Implement processes for gaining learner feedback and peer feedback on teaching
  • Support staff to build capability in online learning, use of OERs and distance delivery

How will we know we have been successful?

  • Learners express high levels of satisfaction with teaching and learning processes
  • Learner success metrics will be the highest in the country
  • Learner engagement metrics are the highest in the sector and compare favourably internationally
  • Participation of learners from diverse ethnic backgrounds exceeds their representation in the Otago community
  • Staff are highly satisfied with the work environment
  • Staff are recognised as leading edge practitioners within their fields of expertise
  • Graduates are employed in relevant fields 
  • Employers, professions and communities express satisfaction with graduate work readiness and capability
  • Research activity increases(See R & E strategic framework)
  • Staff independently utilise digital technologies in their teaching practice
  • Staff are recognised as sustainable practitioners (see SD strategic framework)