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Future focused, efficient and sustainable curricula

Strategic Objective Two:

To have future focused, efficient and sustainable curricula that enable learners to reach their full potential

What are our aspirations?

  • Our curricula are designed for learning, build from where learners start and meet the diverse needs of individual learners
  • Our curricula build learner capability in literacy and numeracy
  • Our curricula are consciously designed for independent learning
  • Our curricula offer learners flexibility and choice
  • Our curricula hold reflection as a core value
  • Our curricula are relevant and meet the current and future needs of learners, employers and communities locally, nationally and internationally
  • Our curricula utilise an appropriate blend of learning modes including face to face, online, simulation, 'hands on' practical experiences and experiences in work settings
  • Our curricula have engaging learning activities designed to foster learning through action and reflection 
  • Our curricula have engaging learning activities that promote group work, peer assessment and, where possible, cross-disciplinary learning
  • Our curricula provide research and enterprise activities including in work places and communities ( See R & E strategic framework)
  • Our curricula include sustainability and develop learner capability as sustainable practitioners (See SD strategic framework)
  • Our curricula support partnerships with schools and communities to expand access and aspirations for OP's qualifications
  • Our curricula include a global and future focus
  • Our curricula include authentic work based learning experiences
  • Our curricula use, modify and develop open education resources within courses and programmes
  • Our curricula reduce teacher time without reducing educational quality
  • Our curricula provide multiple routes to qualifications, including end point assessment services
  • Our curricula are designed to develop capable, work ready and sustainable practitioners who can practise in a global context

What will we do to achieve our aspirations? 

  • Review current programs and learning resources against good practice standards (online and face-to-face) and implement improvement plans where necessary
  • Develop staff capability in teaching and design for learning
  • Develop good practice standards for development of OERs and for evaluating OERs for inclusion in OP course resources
  • Develop staff capability in the understanding and use of OER, APL and WBL
  • Support curriculum development and design through provision of educational developer expertise
  • Identify and promote best practice curricula across the institution
  • Increase our distance programme portfolio
  • Increase the number of courses and programmes available as open educational resources and 'free to learn'
  • Develop assessment services for courses and qualifications
  • Develop commerical learner support services for 'free to learn' clients
  • Develop processes for  RPL, credit transfer and credentialling in relation to open learners
  • Develop partnerships and implement activities with local schools and communities to increase understanding of and expand access to OP qualifications
  • Develop processes for assessment of OP's online content in relation to Creative Commons licensing
  • Develop criteria and process for identifying which aspects of OP's programme portfolio should be open
  • Increase number of courses offering authentic and sustainable workplace-integrated learning supported and enabled by eSimulation, eAssessment and ePortfolio
  • Define standards and expected outcomes for a global learning experience
  • Create online resources to support a Study Abroad programme
  • Assess sustainability and work readiness in our graduates

How will we know we have been successful?

  • Our learners succeed in their chosen programme
  • Our learners take responsibility for their own learning
  • Our teachers report increased time for other activities such as professional development, curriculum development, industry participation and research
  • Our success, retention and participation rates continue to increase
  • Our learner numbers increase including distance and international learners
  • Employers and communities express satisfaction with the personal effectiveness and work readiness of our graduates
  • We increase new educational business in assessment and learner support
  • Our open educational resources are recognised as high quality and attract increasing numbers of learners
  • Our qualifications are more cost effective
  • Our teachers reduce directed learning time and increase student-led learning and work-based learning