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 Capable Learners

Strategic Objective One

To build capable learners who are personally effective, work ready and sustainable practitioners

What are our aspirations?

  • Our learners want to learn and know how to learn
  • Our learners suceed and achieve their full potential
  • Our learners understand what it is to be personally effective
  • Our learners understand how to translate knowledge and skills into action and practice
  • Our learners know how to reflect in and on practice
  • Our learners value and embed sustainable practice in their lives, both as students and graduates
  • Our learners behave ethically
  • Our learners understand themselves and how to maximise opportunties

What will we do to achieve our aspirations?

  • All programmes will begin by encouraging learners to articulate both why they chosen the programme and what they expect of it
  • All learners will be provided with the opportunity to understand how they think, how they learn and how to go about learning effectively
  • From commencement of the programme learners will be provided with the tools and support to learn how to become independent learners
  • All learners will be provided with the opportunity to develop their skills as reflective practitioners
  • All learners will engage in experiential learning opportunities

How will we know we have been successful?

  • Employers will indicate that our graduates are capable and work ready
  • Our learners will chart their progress and self-assess as work ready
  • Our learners will recognise and value their personal growth