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 Learning and Teaching Strategic Framework

This strategic framework gives effect to Otago Polytecnic's overarching strategic direction by setting a philosophy and strategic objectives for learning and teaching.


At Otago Polytechnic we believe in:

  • creating the conditions for each learner to succeed to their fullest potential
  • learning that gives learners flexibility and choice over what, when, where and how they learn
  • facilitating learning through partnerships and collaborations (with teachers, other learners, work places and communities)
  • facilitating learning through doing and reflection (experiential learning)
  • building learner capability and work readiness

Therefore our learners can expect:

Learning that:

  • builds on existing knowledge and experience
  • challenges, inspires and transforms
  • extends learners' personal effectiveness
  • encourages personal growth, success, confidence and satisfaction
  • builds work readiness
  • develops learners as sustainable practitioners
  • is underpinned by research
  • instills a passion for life long learning

Teachers who:

  • care about and respect individual learners and what they bring to their learning
  • are culturally competent
  • are skilful teaching practitioners, able to help learners learn how to learn
  • facilitate and support learning and design effective learning experiences
  • are current in and connected to their specialist field, able to bring leading edge knowledge and innovation to their teaching practice
  • are engaged in applied research
  • value learner feedback to reflect on, evaluate and continuously improve learning experiences
  • are sustainable practitioners

A curriculum that:

  • is informed by current research findings and involves learners in research activities
  • is sustainable, using open educational resources and blended delivery design
  • enables learners to design their own learning pathways
  • enables mutlitple pathways to qualifications
  • is flexible and accessible to students on and off campus, with and outside of new Zealand
  • enhances and measures learning, capability and work-readiness through assessment
  • develops capable and successful graduates

A learning environment that:

  • is safe and supports individual learner needs
  • has high quality physical, technological and supportive learning resources
  • includes work experience as part of learning
  • includes applied research as part of learning
  • is socially, economically and environmentally sustainable