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Unit 1: Introduction to course and learning pedagogy
Week 1 Course introduction

E-activity 1.1
E-activity 1.2

Read the Course guide for information on all assignments.
Unit 2: Introduction to open educational resources and open educational practices
Week 2 Introduction to OER plus OCL4Ed workshop E-activity 2.1
Week 3 Copyright and open licensing plus OCL4Ed workshop E-activity 2.2 Commence work on Assignment 1
Week 4 Open educational practices E-activity 2.3
Unit 3: Related dimensions of openness in education
Week 5 Open learning, open scholarship and open policy E-activity
Week 6 Open source, open teaching and open business models E-activity Submit Assignment 1 by end of Week 6
Week 7-8
Unit 4: Digital skills for collaborative OER development
Week 9 Finding and sharing OER for reuse E-activity Commence work on Assignment 2
Week 10 Basic wiki editing Wiki skills
Week 11 Collaborative wiki editing and OER design blueprint E-activity Submit Assignment 2 by the end of week 11
Week 12 Remix, redistribute and collaborate E-activity Commence work on Assignment 3
Unit 5: OER development project and community service learning
Week 13 OER project: Phase 1 E-activity
Week 14 OER project: Phase 2 E-activity
Week 14 OER project: Phase 3 Service learning report Submit Assignment 3 by end of Week 16.