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e-Learning activity summary

Title: Key priorities and issues for open educational resources
5 hours
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This activity can be submitted for Assignment 1

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The purpose of this e-learning activity is to
  • Identify and justify three key priorities the OER movement needs to address for increased uptake and mainstream adoption in the formal education sector
  • Share your views on the key priorities in OER
  • Enrich your own understanding of the key issues in OER by reading and commenting on the contributions from fellow learners
  • Reflect on the extent of global consensus regarding the key priorities for OER.

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  1. Read two articles of your choice from the list of reference materials to identify an initial list of key priorities and issues (Some are lengthy reports so you may wish to read just parts of these, depending on time.)
  2. Using your own experience and intuition, reduce your list to the top three priorities or issues.
  3. Conduct a web search to identify additional resources to support and justify your selection of the key issues and to find out more how these issues are being addressed around the world.

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Learning outcome actions

  1. Based on your readings, publish a blog post of approximately 500 words in which you:
    • identify what you perceive as the three key issues in OER;
    • provide a brief justification of why these are key issues; and
    • summarise how these issues are being addressed.
  2. Your blog post must reference a minimum of four reputable sources for justifying the issues you have identified.
  3. Visit the aggregated course feed and read the issues identified by other learners. Comment on at least two other posts.


This e-Learning activity was inspired by Activity 7 developed by Martin Weller for the Openness and innovation in elearning course at the Open University.