Assignment 2

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Assignment 2: Digital skills to create, revise, remix and redistribute digital OERs and design blueprint. (Weighted 20%)

  • Wiki skills are demonstrated in the wiki and are evaluated according to a WikiMaster competency badges and learners are required to achieve a minimum of the Wikibuddy level.
  • Prepare a mini-portfolio demonstrating digital skills including:
    • Collection of images found from at least 3 different repositories with appropriate licenses for reuse in the prospective OER project. At least one image must be a remix from different source images.
    • Provide a rich media file (audio or video) for use in the prospective learning materials project. The rich media file must contain at least one source that is remixed into the rich media file.
  • Submit a completed design blueprint, content outline, and inventory of OERs identified for reuse for the development project.
  • Learner selection of 1 e-Learning activity from Unit 3 for submission.
  • Learner selection of 1 e-Learning activity from Unit 4 for submission.
  • Learner selection of 2 personal reflections one each from Unit 3 and Unit 4.