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Workshop Report - Goals and Objectives - Awareness - Policy - Governance - Deployment Information - Training - Curriculum Integration - Content - Community - Server and Power Infrastructure - Localisation - Child Online Protection - Recycling - Support - Lesson Plans, Teaching Ideas and Resources


Government House, Funafuti, January 19th-27th, 2010

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Participants Designation Email Address
Alammai Sioni Culture Dept a_sioni AT yahoo.com
Amosa Taui Planning and Budget ataui AT gov.tv
Atufenua Maui ICT Department atu AT tuvalu.tv
Tioata L Ene Motufoua jesatl AT gmail.com
Ioelu Kapuaua Eli Motufoua eliioelu AT gmail.com
Taniela K Siose Motufoua tksiose AT gmail.com
Taukave Poolo Development Bank tpoolo AT gmail.com
Petueli Noa Youth Officer
Niuone Eliuta Sports Dept.
Tuese Latasi Kaupule Funafuti (local authority)
Emily Koepke Tufha NGO tufha AT tuvalu.tv
Evotia Tofuola Education etofuola AT gov.tv
Manuka M EKT fmaitonga AT yahoo.com
Penehuro Hauma Fetuvalu Secondary School pienehuro AT yahoo.com.au
Katalina Taloka Director, Education Dept eddept AT gmail.com
Kapuafe Lifuka Energy Dept klifuka AT gov.tv
Noa Petueli Tuvalu National Library Archives opetaia.noa AT gmail.com
Timaio Auega Energy tauega AT gov.tv
Lono Leneuoti Tufha NGO lleniuoti AT gmail.com
Fanoiga Falasa Nauti Primary School ffalasa AT gmail.com
Lakera Vavau Nauti Primary School lakera79vauau AT yahoo.co.uk
Leotasi Kautu Tolise P.S. naanugaomea AT gmail.com
Faatasiga Mafoa Tolise P.S. singatelava AT gmail.com
Fataimaga Eti Nauti P.S. faafetaiga AT gmail.com
Tovia Faalo Nauti Primary School sionafou AT gmail.com
Lanieta Faleasiu ICT Department lannytv AT gmail.com
Loise P Leitonga Nauti PS lleitonga@gmail.com
Christopher FPatoro Nauti Primary School cjfpatoro AT gmail.com
David Leeming Facilitator for ITU/SPC www.leeming-consulting.com

Activities and Outputs

The workshop covered the following:

  • Full briefing for Education Officers and Stakeholders
  • Collaborative development of the Deployment Plan This was the main outcome.
  • Training of Trainers for the deployment
  • Laptop and server literacy training
  • Installation of a school server with skills transfer
  • Sugar on a stick installed and training given