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Workshop Report - Goals and Objectives - Awareness - Policy - Governance - Deployment Information - Training - Curriculum Integration - Content - Community - Server and Power Infrastructure - Localisation - Child Online Protection - Recycling - Support - Lesson Plans, Teaching Ideas and Resources

Teacher Training Plan

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  1. Workbook Chapter 5, Teacher Training pages 19-29
  2. Workbook Chapter 8, Curriculum Integration pages 40-49

Level 1

  • Curriculum : Vision, principles, theory, background
  • Trainers: Champion teachers
  • Trainees: All teachers of Tolise PS
  • Duration: One or more half day sessions
  • Timing: Ad-hoc, as convenient. Good to do some soon to reinforce workshop trainings.

Level 2

  • Curriculum : Minimum skills, laptop literacy (workbook p24-25)
  • Trainers: Champion teachers and (if available) external volunteer expert
  • Trainees: All Tolise teachers
  • Duration: 2 weeks
  • Timing: This training is an integral part of the deployment. Must take place after all preparatory work is completed (such as installation of server, wireless, etc

Level 3

  • Curriculum : Curriculum Integration (workbook p40-49)
  • Trainers: Experienced teachers and (if available) external expert
  • Trainees: All teachers at Tolise
  • Duration: 1 week minimum (more if conducted during term time)
  • Timing: A few months after deployment
  • Note: Core team will assess the capacity of the local team to conduct this training and request external TA if required.

Student Training Plan

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Student and Parents Training, Workbook, Chapter 6 pages 30 - 33

Curriculum for Students training:

  • Minimum skills set, workbook page 32
  • Who should train the students: Th teachers (all teachers, one class at a time, teacher-student ratio of 4-5:1 is good)
  • When are they trained: immediately after teacher training, during deployment. Teachers train students as part of their own training.
  • How long: 3 days (after school sessions of 2-3 hours each) minimum, or 2 full days. A week would be best.

Note that students will rapidly learn and teach each other. They will then be able to train teachers. This should be encouraged.

Parents training

Parents training will ake place in evening sessions, lasting maybe 1 hour. The basic curriculum is to go through basic operation of the laptops and try a few activities. The children will help them further.