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Workshop Report - Goals and Objectives - Awareness - Policy - Governance - Deployment Information - Training - Curriculum Integration - Content - Community - Server and Power Infrastructure - Localisation - Child Online Protection - Recycling - Support - Lesson Plans, Teaching Ideas and Resources

Infrastructure Plan

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Workbook Chapter 10, pages 58-66


  • Power is available 6am-midnight.
  • Need good UPS system for the server
  • Need to design charging racks and charging system for a safe tidy classroom. Can have maximum 24 XOs charging on one extension cable. Therefore two cables would do, with power boards arranged neatly in the middle of the classroom or otherwise, to avoid trailing cables all over the floor.

School Servers

  • Decide on hardware to use.
  • The PC used in the workshop could be tested for heat tolerance and if OK could be used for the trial. However, SPC will advise on more suitable durable hardware for any scaling up.
  • The server can be located in the school office at Tolise.
  • Before deployment, need to configure Moodle for the class groups. David has briefed Kapuaua and Atu and will assist via email.

Wireless Networking

  • Need 2 access points for each classroom. As long as the maximum cable run is less than 70m or so it will be fine. A small 4 or 5 port hub is needed in each classroom plus one 8 or 16-port hub/switch for the server (three hubs). These all connect to the second NIC (eth1).