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Workshop Report - Goals and Objectives - Awareness - Policy - Governance - Deployment Information - Training - Curriculum Integration - Content - Community - Server and Power Infrastructure - Localisation - Child Online Protection - Recycling - Support - Lesson Plans, Teaching Ideas and Resources

National and Sector Policy linkages

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Workbook Chapter 1, Policy and Vision, pages 3-7

Responses from the workshop

These need expanding and the linkage/relevance to the OLPC trials explained

International and Regional Level

  1. There are many relevant regional strategies and international agreements to which Tuvalu is a signatory that are relevant. For instance, the MDGs and the Pacific Plan Digital Strategy. Please refer to the Workbook for details.

National Level

  1. National Strategic Plan [Kakega ll]
  2. Education Act

Sector Policy

  1. Education Policy
  2. National Curriculum Framework policy [NCFP]
  3. Professional Teacher Development Policy
  4. Language Policy
  5. NESP
  1. Curriculum and Assessment
    • Curriculum reform
    • Assessment for learning
    • [NQF]
  2. Increase Student Participation
    • Access and Equity
    • Secondary learners / primary
  3. Human Resource Development
    • Teacher and Student development