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OLPC Tuvalu Home Page

Workshop Report - Goals and Objectives - Awareness - Policy - Governance - Deployment Information - Training - Curriculum Integration - Content - Community - Server and Power Infrastructure - Localisation - Child Online Protection - Recycling - Support - Lesson Plans, Teaching Ideas and Resources

In 2010 a workshop was help in Funafuti for the Tuvalu Education Department, funded by ITU and SPC, to develop a country programme for OLPC.

These pages describe the workshop outcomes.

in addition, a key resource was developed, the OLPC Oceania Workbook for Educators (David Leeming). This is available at the link below.

OLPC Trial Deployment Plan, Tuvalu, January 2010

Collaborating with the XOs

This deployment plan was developed collaboratively during the workshop. It is a living document and a work in progress. The Education Department will review it and when it is complete, it will be fixed as a working document.

The OLPC laptop collaborative features were used in the workshop to assist with the development of the plan. The picture above shows a group of participants collaborating in a Write activity. It was very useful to integrate the XOs into the planning process and learn the laptop skills along the way.


  1. Workshop Report
  2. Goals and Objectives
  3. Awareness
  4. Policy
  5. Governance
  6. Deployment Information
  7. Training
  8. Curriculum Integration
  9. Content
  10. Community
  11. Server and Power Infrastructure
  12. Localisation
  13. Child Online Protection
  14. Recycling
  15. Support

Repository for Lesson Ideas, Lesson Plans and Teaching Resources

A section has been created that we hope will grow into a pool of open educational resources that can be shared and adapted across Tuvalu and the Pacific region.

The page can be located here

Project Contacts

  • Katalina Taloka, Director of Education, eddept AT gmail.com
  • Lanieta Faleasiu, Director of ICT, lannytv AT gmail.com
  • Vaitupu Trial Focal Point: Ioelu Kapuaua Eli, Motufoua SS, eliioelu AT gmail.com