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Presenting achievements

”Portfolios tell a story … put in anything that helps to tell the story” (Paulson & Paulson).

Towards the conclusion of your course, students can be encouraged to develop a View of their achievements as if they were telling a story, or painting a portrait of themselves. You could help them select, organise and refine their evidence by asking questions like: • how will you introduce your story? • what evidence should be included to give the best impress of you? • how will you tell the story of your learning journey? • how will you conclude your story?

If the eportfolio is a personal showcase, students will also need help, not only in the technical issue of giving others access to their View, but also in how to presenting and articulate the evidence displayed in the portfolio.

You will probably refer to the following topics in the Mahara User Guide:

Views: My Views, Create a view, Step One – Details, Step Two – Layout block, Step three – Configure block settings, Step Four – Assign Access to View, Providing a Link to a View