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Receiving and providing feedback

Receiving prompt and personalised feedback on tasks and evidence is a powerful motivator for students. In turn, providing feedback to others in a collaborative setting can reinforce learning.

In Mahara, feedback can be given via Comments on Artefacts once they have been made public through a View. In other words, the student has control over when material is made available for feedback.

If the teacher wishes to provide feedback as part of assessment, a Controlled Group can be set up, and students create and submit the relevant View to the controlled group. The material is then ‘locked’ until released by the teacher.

You will probably refer to the following topics in the Mahara User Guide:

Artefacts: My Files, Upload a file, Tags, Create a Folder

Views: My Views, Create a view, Step One – Details, Step Two – Layout block, Step Three – Configure block settings, Step Four – Assign Access to View, Providing a Link to a View

Groups: My Groups, Create groups, Add members to groups, Find groups, Viewing group details.