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Undertaking assessment, or preparing for RPL

A course built around eportfolios will require some redesign of assessment tasks. For example:

  • reflective tasks (in text, audio or video) could be set as part of assessment
  • Self-assessment proformas can be included in the Course View for formative assessments
  • students could be asked to develop a particular kind of product and upload it as an Artefact
  • students could be required to Blog on particular topics, or provide feedback through Comments on others’ Artefacts
  • you could require assignments or assessment tasks to be submitted through Mahara
  • you could include Assessment Rubrics or Evidence Guides in the Course View to provide an overview of the kind of evidence students are expected to gather.

These points apply equally to RPL assessments. In addition, the eportfolio also enables students to incorporate evidence from outside the course, particularly from their informal learning experiences.

You will probably refer to the following topics in the Mahara User Guide:

Views: My Views, Create a view, Step One – Details, Step Two – Layout block, Step Three – Configure block settings, Step Four – Assign Access to View, Providing a Link to a View

Blogs: My Blogs, Create a Blog, Add a Blog Post, Add a file from My Files, Upload a file to a Blog, Embed an image to a Blog post, View Blog, Blog comments

Artefacts: My files, Upload a file, Tags, Create a Folder.