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Use social networking tools

Mahara recognises that learning is a social activity and is therefore built around the concept of social networking. In Mahara, one may have a collection of friends; may belong to one or more groups and may offer feedback to other people.

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Adding feedback to views.

To familiarise yourself with the social networking side of Mahara, complete the following:

  • Search for and find a 'friend'
  • Send a friend request
  • Request membership of (or join) a group
  • Share a view with me and one other person
  • Add a 'Secret URL' to a view and email this URL to a third person.
  • Add feedback to a view that someone shares with you.


Collections are groups of pages that can be shared. To create a collection, go Portfolio > Collections > New collection. Add the pages you would like to include in the collection and save. Be aware that adding a secret URL for one page in a collection makes all pages in the collection available for view. Extension: Create a group for a class you teach and set it up for them to become members. Video Create a group in Mahara

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Discuss: How is an [e]portfolio different from a folder?