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Albany Senior High School uses e-portfolios to structure, record and share professional learning. All staff members engage in mini research interventions (called inquiries) and then share their inquiries with each other through the use of e-portfolios.


A plan is a list of tasks or activities. Set up a plan, add tasks, then tick them off when you have completed them. Access plans by going Content > Plans.


Some courses or schools require teachers to keep a record of courses they have attended or run. The 'Continuing Professional Development' tool allows people to record the dates and details of courses and workshops they have attended. Access CPD by going Content > CPD.


Users of Mahara have the ability to build online resumes/CVs, then include part or all of them in pages they are working on. Access your resume by going Content > Resume.

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Build a professional learning e-portfolio including the following things:

  • A CPD list
  • An entry from your CV
  • A plan outlining at least two things you are going to do in the next two weeks to reinforce your understanding of e-portfolios
  • An RSS feed from somewhere like Google Scholar, a blog or Twitter/