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This collection of pages forms a loose collection of training materials for Mahara. Introductions and expectations.

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This workshop is designed to:
  • Develop your understand of how an e-portfolio can be useful to raise student achievement.
  • Develop your understanding of the features and potential of Mahara as an e-portfolio system.
  • Develop your skills and confidence in the actual use of Mahara.

Why use e-portfolios?

Simon Sinek's 'golden circle
Using the Golden Circle, identify 'why' you are using an e-portfolio. Simon Sinek in his TEDx talk identifies the thing that Apple computers, Martin Luther King and the Wright Brothers have in common: "People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it." He takes this analysis into inspirational leadership.
Another way to think about why you are using e-portfolios is to ask: "What does the 'e' bring to portfolio-based assessment?" We've been doing portfolio based assessment for years, but what new opportunities are created by making them electronic?

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So why are you thinking about using e-portfolios? Is it to:
  • develop reflection skills?
  • showcase student learning?
  • engage parents and whanau in learning?
  • develop student ownership of learning?

How you use an e-portfolio will vary, depending on what your objective is.

How do other people use Myportfolio?

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