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Using multimedia

One advantage that e-portfolios have over traditional forms of assessment is their ability to be used to showcase performance, particularly over time. Multimedia offers us an outstanding opportunity to capture performance over time.


There are two key ways to add video to a Mahara portfolio:

  • Embedded media (when a user uploads a video directly to Mahara and controls who can see it through restricting page access, and
  • External media (when a user brings in media from external websites like Youtube or Google Video)

Icon casestudy.gif
Case Study
Use an e-portfolio to demonstrate your paper dart making skills.
The great paper dart competition

You are to work in groups to create an e-portfolio showcasing your attempt to create the perfect paper dart. Your e-portfolio must include the following things:

  • A text box describing the steps required to construct the perfect paper dart
  • At least three images, outlining the stages of development
  • An 'embedded media' video of the dart launch
  • A Youtube video related to paper darts

Extension: Use the external content block to embed something from Voicethread, Slideshare, Prezi etc.

Note: The image gallery feature of Mahara 1.3 allows learners to present multiple images or videos in a single block. (Use this one if you can't find one of your own.

Mobile integration

Mobile phones are essentially mobile recorders of evidence of learning. If you have an Android smartphone, install the free 'Maharadroid' app and upload photos to your portfolio.

Demonstration of the Maharadroid smartphone app