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Blog entry #1

Blogs in Mahara are called 'journals', Blog is short for 'web log'. To learn more about blogs/journals, watch 'Blogs in plain English'

  • Go into your journals area (Content > Journals) and add a new journal called 'Learning Journal'. Give it a description and some tags. We will use this journal to reflect on the learning process. In Mahara, you can have as many journal as you like.
  • Add a new journal post answering the following question: "How can you use blogs with your students?"
  • Now we need to add your journal to your view. Go into your Learner/Teacher Profile view and add a journal post block. This will put a single journal post onto your view.

Journal entry #2

Go back to your learning journal and add a new journal entry, answering this question: "How can you use multimedia in e-portfolios with students?"

Icon define.gif
Define the following words and phrases:
  • Page
  • Artefact
  • Embedded media
  • RSS feed
  • Watchlist
  • Group
  • Secret URL
  • Friend
  • Block
  • Journal

Journal entry #3.

Write a new journal entry answering this question: "What is one thing you can do over the next two weeks with e-portfolios?"