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Aggregating content

External Content Block

One of the most powerful blocks in the whole of Mahara is the External Content block. From the 'External content' tab, drag the external content block down to your page. Paste in a URL from one of the following sites:

Export to Mahara from Moodle

Exporting from Moodle

The Learning Management System Moodle can be tightly integrated into Mahara, allowing very easy export from one system to the other. Two possible uses of this integration are:

  • Take a discussion from, or file uploaded to, Moodle and export it directly to your portfolio in Mahara, or
  • Take an entire eportfolio from Mahara and submit it for assessment in Moodle.

Once it's configured, there is an 'export to portfolio' link next to content that may be exported.

Mahara can bring in external content from a lot of website. Basically if it supports RSS feeds, it can be brought into Mahara. Take something like Blogger or

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Import an RSS feed into Mahara
  • Find a Slideshare presentation (or use this one ) and add it to your eportfolio using the external content block.
  • Bring in a Twitter feed. Unfortunately Twitter has made it more difficulut to get an RSS feed out of it's site, but it is still possible if you know what you are doing. Use the external feed block, and paste in either:
    • this URL: (where 'username is the name of the Twitter user you'd like to follow.), or
    • This URL: (where hashtag is the keyword you would like to search for.) Use a tag like [username]readings to pull in tweets about your professional readings.