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  • About the assessment portfolio
  • Glossary of education terminology
  • Learning and Teaching in Practice Resource Page


Course schedule

Start here then review the links below
Introduction to course
Module 1 Overview
How you will learn in this course.
Unit 1: Reflective Practice
Module 2 Reflection for learning
Exploring models and strategies.
Unit 2: Professional Roles
Module 3 Learning Preferences

Finding out how you learn.
Module 4 Dual professionalism

Reviewing your professional identity.
Unit 3: Reviewing professional learning
Module 5 Preparing professional evidence

Reviewing and preparing evidence of your knowledge.
Module 6 Assessment presentation and portfolio

Preparing for assessment
Module 7 Review, Refine and Submit

Checking your portfolio and presentation for submission.
Unit 4: Review Assessment
Module 8 Presenting your assessment

The process of assessment