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Welcome to Learning Review

Kia ora. You will be guided to critically evaluate your prior knowledge and work-based learning experience in tertiary teaching. You will do this through learning and reflection, and the development and planning of a portfolio. Once you and your facilitator consider that you are ready, you will be asked to present your learning and knowledge about tertiary education to an assessment panel for academic credit.

Where possible, you are encouraged to share your journey with not only your facilitator but also with colleagues in the course and to seek their feedback. Engaging with people who share different teaching and learning beliefs, assumptions and views to you can be an enriching experience. A course blog is used to encourage this interaction.

Course Blog
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Course identifiers

Core course Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education
Level 7
Credits 30
Learning hours 300
Prerequisites none
Enrolment status Online registration coming soon
Developed by CapableNZ
Formal assessment services CapableNZ

Indicative fee for credentialing: NZ$tba


Course Description


This course will enable the participant (an experienced tertiary educator) to identify, review, analyse and reflect on past and current learning and teaching experiences, in order to develop a presentation for assessment of prior learning demonstrating that transformative developments have taken place in their practice which meet the aims and outcomes of the courses (7.1) Practice Context and (7.2) Learning and Teaching in Practice.

The aim of this course is to present for assessment of prior learning, successful completion ends at the presentation. It does not guarantee full recognition of prior learning for the identified courses.