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The only source of knowledge is experience. Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school. (Albert Einstein). We learn from reflecting on experience (Dewey).

The experiences and knowledge you already have as an educator are paramount in this course. This includes any certificated learning you may have completed. You will be provided with useful tools for reflecting on your experiences, developing case studies as examples and relating them to your teaching context. On successful completion of this course you will be ready to proceed with further learning within the Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education (GDTE), with the confidence of a well articulated framework for your practice. You can potentially gain 90 credits.

This course has been designed to provide you with several strategies that have been found to be useful for supporting professionals to reflect critically on their experiences and to identify their knowledge, understanding and skill as a an educator. Therefore, the review of your previous learning and experiences is a deeply reflective process. It also requires an understanding of how you learn, that is your learning preferences, and the strategies that are going to help you to monitor and evaluate your learning journey. You will be asked to develop a learning agreement with your facilitator, and this will guide you to set goals and to choose strategies for the learning process and the review of your previous learning.

You will spend significant time reflecting on and unpacking your experiences. When there is enough breadth and depth to your material, you will begin to develop a framework for your practice as a educator. Once this is developed you will move towards preparing for your presentation and be involved in gathering evidence to support this.