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By:Kevin Dooley

The module will also engage you in a process of identifying your experiential and any certificated learning and will provide you with useful tools for unpacking your experiences that will help enable you to deepen your thinking around your work context.

The five distinct phases in your preparation:

This course will introduce you to models of reflection and then support you as move you through a process of reflection with five distinct phases. These phases involve:

  • Unpacking and scoping of your integrated experience
  • Drawing out underpinning knowledge, skills, philosophy, values, beliefs
  • Reconstruction of your learning from experience, reformatting within parameters of qualification;
  • Reconstructing specific case studies and stories to illustrate your understandings
  • Development of the framework for your assessment presentation

This process has been developed as both a professional and a personal journey of self-awareness through critical refection and professional development.