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Study materials used in this course

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  • Course Guide: Your course guide introduces you to the course and includes the Study Schedule. It also contains assignment guidelines together with the marking guide for each assignment should you wish to complete the assessment requirements for the course.

  • StudyDesk – The StudyDesk is the primary website you select for accessing your course materials.
The StudyDesk websites contain all of the topics for each of the courses you will need to e familiar with.

Resources for the course

A programme resource page has been compiled to help you in the first instance and also to encourage you to contribute as well.


The Blogging Handbook
"Blogging isn't just about writing posts, it is about getting out and reading other blogs and leaving comments and joining discussions..." Sarah Stewart, Otago Polytechnic

This is a handbook for beginners and experts! You will find a range of activities in each section listed in the navigation box to the right. You don't have to use them all! They're just a collection of activities for all sorts of people. Just browse the sections and pick up the activities you think you could use in the time you have available.


Extra resources

  • Sarah Stewart video
  • Sandra's video

Reference Materials

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