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Your Portfolio

There is one assessment portfolio that must be presented for marking in this course. You are asked to set up and develop a digital portfolio (also called an electronic or e-portfolio). This will need to be accessible to the facilitators for feedback and marking. If you do not wish to make your work public, you will need to provide the course co-ordinator with access details.

For formally enrolled participants - formative feedback will be given on the development of the portfolio throughout the course. You will be encouraged to create an Assessment timeline plan to help keep you on task.

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Please note

Plagiarism is a huge problem now that information is so easily accessible from the Internet. Respecting copyright is just as important online as it is in print. And avoiding plagiarism in your assessment work is absolutely essential for this course.

It is easy to break the rules without meaning to. So take particular care to use your own words and media where possible, and if referring to or quoting another person's work ensure that their licensing allows you to do this and always correctly cite and reference the source.

You must provide sufficient evidence and reflections in your portfolio that you have met the learning outcomes for all three of the courses; Learning Review, Practice Context and Learning and Teaching in Practice. You are encourage to use a mix of media (e.g., audio, video, images and diagrams) for these, and of course there will be some written work included.

You will have considerable freedom over the sorts of evidence you submit and how it is presented - we are endeavouring to be as flexible and learner driven as possible. If you are in doubt then please discuss with your facilitator.


If you are unfamiliar with e-portfolios you may wish to explore these as part of your learning around Digital Citizenship.

Here are some useful links to find out more about e-portfolios:

NB: Participants who are Otago Polytechnic staff, please note that there is not a proprietary platform that the organisation currently uses or provides support for so you are encouraged to look at freely available forms of e-portfolios if considering this approach.